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Your AOCMF membership offers a wide range of benefits
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Your AOCMF membership offers you the opportunity to:


  • Refine your expertise as a clinician and keep it up-to-date. Full access to a number of top medical publications, including the JCMTR journal
  • Share your knowledge and improve patient care 
  • Focus on the topics most important to you professionally
  • Unlimited access to the AOCMF network. Get expert insights to help improve your skills and advance your medical career
  • Shape the future of AOCMF
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Your AOCMF membership benefits

Membership benefits
  • Networking opportunity with 3,400 surgeons around the world
  • Full access to members directory
  • Online access to the “Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction” (JCMTR)
  • Online access to selected journals on Science Direct
  • Full access to AOCMF Surgery Reference
  • Ability to submit and participate in online case discussions in CaseBase
  • FREE article submission to the eJournal CMRT Open
  • Online access to AOCMF teaching videos
  • 25% discount on AOCMF’s Manual
  • 10% discount on all AO publications
  • Printed copy of the JCMTR journal (Members Plus only)

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Surgery Reference

AO Surgery Reference

Over 7,000 pages of step-by-step surgical procedures and clinical reports



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Membership benefits

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Getting to know

Jan-Michaél Hirsch
„For me, AOCMF has given me lots of
great friends and colleagues to collaborate with
all over the world.“

Jan-Michaél Hirsch, AOCMF member and Professor Emeritus Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden