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AO CMF from the frontline: a COVID-19 special report

To help answer various burning questions, AO CMF is offering an online COVID-19 discussion, with surgeons from different regions reporting on the situation from around the world and sharing their experiences. Tune in online, each Thursday at 17:00 CET. 


Episode 1 - March 19 | Watch recording

Speakers: Stefano Fusetti (Italy), Mike Leung (Hong Kong), Florian Thieringer (Switzerland)

Moderators: Sabine Girod (United States) and Amir Elbarbary (Egypt) 

Episode 2 - March 26 | Watch recording

Speakers: Thomas Dodson (United States), Lynne Fryer (United Kingdom), Samir Mehta (United States), Jeff Wang (United States)

Moderators: Sabine Girod (united States) and FLorian Thieringer (Switzerland)


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