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Dear fellow AOCMF faculty members,

Welcome to our new AOCMF Faculty Newsletter!

It is very important to us that our surgeons feel part of our community, and this newsletter represents a step in that direction. We hope you find it informative.

So, as we tip our hat to a successful 2017, which saw the launch of the innovative new website and the global roll-out of the newly designed AOCMF Management of Facial Trauma Course, we look forward to building on those foundations in 2018 and consolidating our position as the world leader in education in craniomaxillofacial trauma and reconstruction.

We also welcome the election of our new International Chair, Gregorio Sanchez from Madrid, who takes the helm in July. Gregorio has an outstanding track record of leadership and involvement in a multitude of positions in the AO, as well as the wisdom, diplomacy and experience to lead our clinical division.

This year, AOCMF will be focusing on growth in emerging regions around the globe, specifically Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. We will be holding key educational events and driving membership in these territories. We are also continuing to support the AO Alliance in its efforts to develop its curriculum for parts of the world that are less fortunate, where our traditional AO courses have not been able to penetrate.

As we look to achieve these goals in a digital age, my first mantra, "Improve the website or die," comes into play: The new platform will have a critical role in providing intuitive, user-friendly access to our content for our valued Members. My second mantra, "Make membership meaningful," is also fulfilled: Content—including procedural videos and lectures, and the newly released catalog of all AO Surgery Reference diagrams—delivers value to our members that they cannot find anywhere else. An expanded and more flexible website will give young surgeons the opportunity to contribute to the AO and to become involved in a more meaningful way.

I will be working hard with Gregorio to ensure a smooth handover as we build for the future.

Warren Schubert

Dear AOCMF faculty colleagues,

As we welcome a new year, I am well prepared and enthusiastic about tackling the challenges ahead of us. Being elected Chair of the AOCOMF International board is the greatest honor of my professional career and proof that the AOCMF dream continues.

For me, that dream began with my first exposure to the AO in December 1990 when I attended a maxillofacial course in Davos while completing my residency. It was a fantastic experience for a young surgeon and it had a great impact on my professional career. Ten years later, I was honored to join the then-new European Educational and Steering Board. I witnessed a dream beginning to come true: the best-ever existing community of CMF surgeons from various specialties, focused on excellence in patient care, education and research. Together, we began building a very unique structure, AOCMF.

Over the past two decades, we have grown in size, professionalism and global presence. Today, with 3,200 members and around 120 educational activities per year, we are one of the largest medical organizations in CMF surgery.

At the same time, we face an array of challenges, ranging from significant budget restrictions and changing interfaces with our industrial partners to the need to adapting our competence-based educational offer to specific needs worldwide.

My short-term goals include incorporating at least two competence-based programs into our curricular offer; continuing Warren Schubert’s efforts to improve our web portal and our relevance in Africa; increasing the number—and likely the types—of fellowships we offer; reviewing, updating and rejuvenating our faculty lists; organizing an AOCMF Global Congress; and preparing AOCMF for a changing scenario with our current industrial partners.

In the mid-term, I will drive consolidation of AOCMF as the largest global, multispecialty CMF community worldwide, development of our curriculum and fellowship program worldwide, rejuvenation our governance structures, and detailed analysis of the costs and benefits of our educational events around the world.

I look forward to serving you—and to serving with you—as we continue the AOCMF dream together in 2018 and beyond.

Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto

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