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The rules are simple: submit your best surgical video on AO Interact for review, we will pick the best one and you'll be featured on our Social Media Channels. Ready?

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How to participate

Who can participate? 

All surgeons with expertise in CMF are encouraged to participate. Do you have a video you wish to share with the world? Do you have a procedure you want to review with fellow surgeons? This is your chance! 

The video submitted has to be original and reflect your work in the OR.

How to be the next superstar?

Submit your video(s) on the AO Interact platform before the 20th of each month to be part of the monthly contest. (Example: videos submitted before March 20th enter the Video Of the Month March 2018 competition. Video submitted after March 21st will be in the April contest. )

Only videos with full description are considered in the monthly review. 

How many videos can you submit?

You're lucky. There's no upper limit to the number of videos you upload. More videos, more chances to be selected! If you want to share your approach with other and hear their opinion, this is the best platform. You can discuss the procedure with colleagues from the other side of the world, suggest improvements for patient care, and learn from others mistakes.  

How many winners are each month?

Each month, ONLY 1 video will win the "Video Of The Month" badge. Depending on the number of submission, we reserve the right to grant a 2nd and/3rd place in special circumstances.

Ready to become famous? Share your experience with the world!

AO Interact

The interactive peer review and discussion platform for surgeons

Upload, search and browse videos organized by specialty, anatomy, indications, treatments, and scope. 

Interact with like-minded surgeons within the AO community, exchange knowledge, discuss and perform polls based on your individual topics. 

*AO Interact is a free tool provided by AO Foundation. Interact with thousands of surgeons around the globe.

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