​GSR Institute of Craniofacial Surgery

Hyderabad, India

GSR Institute of Craniofacial Surgery—Hyderabad, India GSR Institute of Craniofacial Surgery—Hyderabad, India

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GSR Institute of Craniofacial & Facial Plastic Surgery

17-1-383/55, Vinaynagar Colony, I. S. Sadan, Saidabad
Hyderabad, 500059


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Srinivas Gosla Reddy Prof. Dr. Srinivas Gosla Reddy
Dr. Ashish Fanan Dr Ashish Fanan

Program Director: Prof. Dr Srinivas Gosla Reddy

Surgeon(s) in charge of fellowship:  Dr. Ashish Fanan


GSR Intitute od Craniofacial Surgery Hyderabad, India Overview of operations per year 

Operations assistance

Fellow can assist

Fields covered 

Trauma, Orthognathic Surgery, Craniofacial surgery

Other activities in the hospital

Scientific activities, participation in all administrative functions of the hospital including financial project viability studies to prepare them or replicate the hospital in their own place after completing their fellowship.

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