Vita Care / BP

Department of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Fellowship Center Sao Paolo AOCMF

Contact Information

Vita Care / BP

Rua Mato Grosso, 306, 1° floor
CEP 01239-040, São Paulo, SP


More information

Gabriel Pastore AOCMF

Program Director: DDS, Msc, PhD Gabriel Pires Pastore

Surgeon(s) in charge of fellowship: DDS, Msc, PhD Gabriel Pires Pastore

Sao Paulo fellowship AOCMF Overview of operations per year 

Operations assistance

Fellow can assist

Fields covered

We develop research on TMJ dysfunction diagnoses, physiotherapy rehabilitation, arthroscopy, open surgery and TMJ replacement.
Weekly meetings of case discussion and classes about OMS subjects.
Orthognathic Surgery with virtual planning and hospital dental care in ICU.

Other activities in the hospital

Virtual planning in all facial diseases. Daily academic visits of patients, patient assistance in ambulatory and 08-10 surgeries a week under general anesthesia. Didactic meeting every week.

Language spoken

English, Spanish and Portuguese
Background AOCMF

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