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Learn, share and grow with us through continuous education

Damir Matic on the importance of faculty education
“Because AO had the foresight to teach its teachers, we now become better educators”.
Damir Matic


Do you wish to contribute meaningful knowledge, skills, and translate this into improved patient care?


To be eligible as AOCMF Faculty, you must be:

  • An AOCMF Member
  • Experienced in teaching at AO Educational Events

Submit the AOCMF Faculty Application Form including two recommendation letters from other AOCMF Members.  

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Already an AOCMF  faculty member?

Faculty Development Programs

At AO Foundation, faculty development aims to foster and support faculty to provide the best possible teaching at clinical educational events.

Through the Faculty Development Programs, experienced surgeons and clinical experts can develop their skills and become AO Faculty Members, serving as teachers and educational experts.


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Faculty Development Programs

Interested in becoming AOCMF Faculty? Please contact us:


Phone: +41 44 200 24 20

Fax:+41 44 200 24 21