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A pioneering approach in CMF surgery:  AOCMF's Manual offers recent surgical advances and latest developments in CMF surgery
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Principles of Internal Fixation of the Craniomaxillofacial Skeleton – Trauma and Orthognathic Surgery

Co-authored by Joachim Prein, Michael Ehrenfeld, and Paul N Manson, this book has been enhanced by high-quality images and flawless illustrations. The manual is innovative in its approach. 

It presents the collective expertise and competence of different specialties on the entire craniofacial skeleton, resulting in an all-inclusive work of considerable scope. The principles described, represent the evolution of craniomaxillofacial buttress reconstruction over the last 60 years. In addition to standard procedures, techniques representing recent surgical advances and new developments are also presented. 

The manual will undoubtedly enrich the knowledge of current and future generations of CMF surgeons and contribute to mastering the intricate anatomical details and techniques that lead to exemplary results in surgery. 


The most recent CMF publication serves as a tribute to the many individuals who have taught as faculty in AO courses and symposia over the last 60 years. 

The book delivers an interdisciplinary method through combined efforts and individual hard work. By mapping the principles of clinically applied anatomy and surgical techniques, the authors have achieved an operative sense of the complexity surrounding the craniofacial skeleton and its related soft-tissue. 


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